hello again.


soundcloud.com/wndfrm is far more interesting these days.. 




i recorded this last year, along the same time as iter. more pd tones through granular effects, with some cleanup afterwards..




friday the 9th, @ Apotheke  (in portland oregon).. i’ll be spinning with caleb, the idm poster-child, and my friend Kinetic, if he brings his records.

should be a diverse night, within the parameters that have made Apotheke what it is.


..fairly accurate as far as starting order, some tracks i couldn’t recall, as i tend to take bits and pieces of things…vangelis – movement 1 – soil festivities – polydor
deep chord – a1 – dc12 – deepchord
tetsue inuoe and carl stone – @.fine – pict.soul – cycling ‘74
hervé boghossian – mouvement a érien – mouvements – raster-noton
shuttle358 – finch – understanding wildlife – mille plateaux
autechre – rettic ac – chiastic slide – warp
oval – do while: jim’ o’rourke – 94diskont – thrill jockey
gescom – gosheep – it’s all becoming – clear
alva noto – ?? – prototypes – mille plateaux

mokira – stavö – plee – mille plateaux

oval – do while – 94diskont – thrill jockey
sound bite from winnie the pooh as read by maurice evans
biosphere – algae & fungi part 1- cirque – touch

 wierd spacing from this editor. hmm.

it’s from may of last year. a little rough around the edges, but i find it pleasant. you’ll hear some 12k stuff, raster blips, some oval, autechre, dubby bits, etc..

let me know if you like it.



new audio up.







i’ve put two short files up there under portland. it’s a great site, i would love to see more from this city, especially with so many talented ears here…




stunning fall colours and crisp clean air surround us here, portland is a pretty town.

quiet on this front, i’ve made a couple of short field recordings, also working with a local singer/songwriter on a possible collaboration.

more cd additions to recommend, the two latest releases on l-ne, namely alva noto’s and the steinbruchel release, and also fourcolor’s ‘letter of sounds’ on 12k. i’ve also picked up a nice recording from yann novak, “meadowsweet”, on dragon’s eye recordings from seattle (also home of ‘son of rose’, whom i had the pleasure of bringing down to play @ apotheke this past year.)

in attempting to do some live dsp on my friend’s acoustic endeavours i have realized the severe limitations imposed bymy lowly g3 ibook.. maybe i should add a paypal donation link?


i just picked up kangding ray’s album ‘stabil’ (raster-noton). spend your hard earned monies on it! it’s really quite beautiful and adheres to the same level of perfection that raster-noton seems to represent, as far as precision and tonal quality.

i’m also excited about pixel’s new disc, no sound bites up yet.


no new music from me yet.

btw fire me an email or drop a comment if you read this blog. i haven’t mentioned it to many people.


a start.